Philip B. Styling Gel

Philip B Styling GelLooking for a well-rounded styling gel? Philip B. does its best to deliver their promise of a multi-purpose soft-hold gel for all hair types with their Philip B. Styling Gel. This product will cover your need for volume, texture and definition all the while giving your hair the necessary nutrients to keep it healthy and looking good.

It contains Vitamin B5 and Sea Weed Extracts of Irish Moss and Anori. (The last sentence actually means more moisture and better light reflection for your hair). The result? Soft, bouncy, siny and flake-free hair.

You can use it for a wet look and for added volume and hold. And you can get it directly at Amazon.

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  1. big mack on December 10th, 2007

    tring to find a solan only product for the man of color

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