Mint Invigorating Hydrating Conditioner from John Allan’s

Mint Invigorating Hydrating ConditionerIf you want your hair to look like a movie star’s hair you’ve got to use the right products. Common conditioners might accomplish their job but at the end they don’t bring that “extra edge” to look superb.

John Allan’s products are designed to do just that. Their Mint Invigorating Hydrating Conditioner does everything it names suggests:

A scalp stimulating conditioner that provides the right amount of moisture to protect while leaving hair weightless. Stimulates and refreshes the scalp with Peppermint. Infuses moisture with Soy protein and Jojoba Seed Oil. Supplies essential nutrients that smoothes and strengthens the hair with Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5). Especially effective for fine or thin hair.

Talk about royal treatment! I’ve used this Esquire-Selected conditioner a few times for testing and I really like it, I’m sure you can’t find a conditioner more refreshing than this.

The Mint Invigorating Hydrating Conditioner is available now for $17 for a 12.6 Ounce/375 ml bottle.

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