Hair Sun Protection Tips

Now that summer is closer each passing day, special attention should be given to hair if you want to keep it healthy. As you know, there are some rays of the sun that are harmful both for our skin and hair.  We should have a proper plan to keep from suffering hair damage like:

- Loss of moisture

- Brittle hair

- Parasites due to sweat and grime

- Dandruff cause by scalp dryness

- Hair loss, due to lack of natural body oil Read more »

How to Choose a Hair Conditioner


Looking for a good hair care product can be a little confusing. It is actually hard for the un-trained man to separate the good products from the bad products; after all, you can end up buying just anything that has been smartly marketed right?

There is a wide selection of available hair products, that all promise to do different things and for every type of hair. Read more »

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