Save Bucks With The Buzz Cut

Lately I’ve been cutting my hair with the buzz cut.  I’ve found out that’s great, because I can cut my own hair and save some bucks from the barber shop.  It’s nt that I’m cheap, it’s that just I am too lazy to drive to the barber.So, I went out to get one of these hair clipping machines and finally I found the Philips Philishave QC 5010.  It’s been pretty good so far.  It has a “stop” that you can graduate to control the length of hair you want to end up with.  Once you set the length, you just pass it through your head like you’d do if you were mowing the lawn.

When you end up clipping the hair, you simply take out the attachment and use it as is to get rid of small hair on the back of the neck.  This shaver is pretty safe, I’ve had no problems with it at all, but I just try to stay not to close to the ear section because the skin there is thin.

What Are The Best Hair Styles for Us Guys?

best-hair-styles-for-men.jpgWe are in the middle of 2008 and we are already starting to see which hairstyles will rule this year. So, if you want to stay cool and looking nice, you might take advantage of the top hair styles for men we mention in our brand new article:

Best Hair styles for Men

We’ve added there 3 photos of celebrities that sport these top hair style, so you can check out how they look and well, determine if they work FOR YOU.

As the article mentions, remember that all haircuts don’t work well for all people, and it is just a part of how you look overall. It’s like the Hawaiian shirt Brad Pitt wears on Fight Club – who else doesn’t look ridiculous in those type of shirts?

Enjoy the article, and don’t forget to leave your comments and question here at the blog!

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