Got2b Glued Hair Gel Review

got2b.jpgSo I was looking for an extreme hold, and came upon Got2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue (water resistant) and let me just say that it is literally like “glue”. I was surprised that it even smelled like glue!

This hair gel definatly delivers a “screaming hold” and like the bottle says you can spike, grip or chunk your hair with it. It drys quick and leaves your hair feeling stiff. So this is not a good buy if your looking for a flexible or natural hold.

I read that it was wind tunnel tested, so just imagine how strong the hold is. This is a great product if your looking to spike your hair, if you have a faux hawk or want that messy hair look with a strong hold.

But if you need gel to just put things in place with a natrual hold, then I wouldn’t recommend this product, I would go with L’Oreal Studio Line Weather Or Not, Indestructible Extreme Spiking Glue, Texture and Control.

LOreal Studio Line Styling Gel Mega Gel

100.jpgSo I was at my local Stop and Shop store looking for some hair gel, I wanted to try something different and hopefully it would be worth a try. I guess I was attracted to the L’Oreal Studio Line products that where are nicely presented, so I picked out the LOreal Studio Line Styling Gel - Mega Gel.

I definitely recommend this product! I work in a fast paced environment and this gel kept my style perfect thought the entire day, and I’m talking more than 12 hours. What I liked most is that it gave my hair the “wet look” without making it to stiff or dry. The gel is a bit thicker that others I’ve tried, it’s almost like pomade, so you can put it on with damp hair. Just style and your out, I didn’t have to worry about my hair style getting messed up at all.

Best of all it’s not that expensive cost me about 8 bucks I think, maybe a little more, but heck it was a great price for a great product! L’Oreal Styling Gel.