Long hair -Everything you need to know about Male Long Hair and Female Long Hair

The word Long hair, mostly spelled as longhair, is any hairstyle which is relatively long. Exactly what constitutes “long hair” can change from culture to culture, or even within cultures. For example, a woman with chin-length hair may be said to have short hair, while a man with the same length of hair would be said to have long hair. Long hair is beautiful and it can be styled into a number of looks. Unfortunately it can also create fashion problems.

male-long-hairFirst if it is not cared for it can become frizzy, dry and dull. When this happens your long hair will weigh you down and make you look dowdy Scientists view long hair as playing a large part in any animal species’ natural selection, since hair length is frequently a sign of health. Freudian psychoanalysts also see it in a sexual light, as a representation of the id’s release from the suppression of the superego. Read more »

Long Hair Styles for Men

Eric ClaptonWhen most people think about long hair styles for men, they often have a cultural reference. They might say “it looks like heavy metal style”, “looks like Lorenzo Lamas”, “looks like a woman”, well… but what these people forget is that men should naturally have long hair too. Just imagine if there were no barber shops and we were just a group of wild mammals living in caves.

Besides now that we live in a world full of weird emo cuts, long hair seem like an elegant option to most of us.

Long hair is not just about growing your hair long. There are certain cuts that will give the extra edge to avoid looking like a hippie caveman. And they all begin with the question “how long must hair be to consider it long hair?”.

Here I give you some online places where you can find pictures, information and more about long hair style for men:

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This is a picture gallery of men with long hair. You will see the diversity of styles and hopefully find one that you like. Read more »