Bald Head Style for Men - Hot or Not?

bald-head-care.jpgA while back having a bald head could make you everything except cool, many interpreted the style as being part of a group such as the neo nazis or skin heads.

But times have changes, now strutting a bald head can actually make you a bad a$$ man.

Celebrities have taken on to the bald head trend, such as Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, and heck even Britney Spears had her bald head moment!

But is the bald head style for you?

The best bald head candidates are preferably men who have round shaped heads, not pointy. Also if you have a strong facial structure, a bald head will emphasize your masculine structure. But to get a better idea you can try on a swimming cap and it will give you an idea of how you would look with a shaved head.

Also if your head is thinning or you already have a bald spot, the best thing you can do for your personal aspect is shave your head bald. It will make you look cleaner and younger.

If you’ve decided to shave your head bald¬† learn the right steps to getting a clean, healthy head. Click to Continue.

Hair Sun Protection Tips

Now that summer is closer each passing day, special attention should be given to hair if you want to keep it healthy. As you know, there are some rays of the sun that are harmful both for our skin and hair.  We should have a proper plan to keep from suffering hair damage like:

- Loss of moisture

- Brittle hair

- Parasites due to sweat and grime

- Dandruff cause by scalp dryness

- Hair loss, due to lack of natural body oil Read more »

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