How to Get 360 Waves


360 Waves, also known just as “waves” “360’s” or “spinnas” are a African American hair pattern worn by mostly men. The spinning effect is from the hair waves.

What Type of Hair is Needed?

The texture of your hair does not matter. But it will take a different amount of time for the waves to start coming in. People that have easier to manage hair will get waves easier in most cases. No two wavers are alike. Some end up with longer spaced out waves, some closer waves, but most generally get somewhere in between.

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Who Is Frederic Fekkai?


In your quest for hair products you may have come across the name Frederic Fekkai. He’s a French hairdresser who lives in New York City and has styled many of famous celebrities’ hairs.

Well, he also has a line of men’s hair care products, for different types of hair. The products – coincidentally called Fréderic Fekkai – are gaining a lot of popularity, but one has to wonder if it’s for the name of itself or for the quality.

We have to yet review Fekkai products but this brings to mind the issue of whether a product is better than another because of the name of a famous person. Sort of like those Antonio Banderas colognes, many popular names jump to make products than by themselves offer nothing substantially better than the competition.

We’ll begin to test this out. We are on our way of receiving our Fekkai Full Volume Shampoo, and will be the test to finally see if products live to the name. We would love to hear your experiences and thoughts about the subject.

Those were the news on Frederic Fekkai.

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