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American Crew Tea Tree Pomade Review

americancrew.jpgI recently updated my boring haircut. I had gotten it buzzed cut a while ago because I didn’t have much time to be gelling it up or combing it to look nice. However, my boring buzz cut was really starting to look too ordinary. So my fauxhawk is back!

I know this post is a review but I just got to throw this out there to guys who have a boring haircut, go to a salon and get a real haircut. No matter what style you aim for just let it be out of the ordinary, trust, this will give you more confidence and attention from the ladies, they like the out of the ordinary haircuts ;)

Ok so now with my new haircut, I went shopping for some gel or pomade. Since I don’t have a lot of free time the closest store was Stop & Shop. Yup, the local supermarket. In the beauty section, around the shampoos, you’ll find an array of gels and don’t be tempted to buy the cheapest one because these may give you the hold you need but it also gives you dandruff and not a long lasting hold the shines or smells good.

I had heard of the American Crew products before and decided to buy the Tea Tree Pomade and give it a shot. Straight to the point, this product is NOT for spiking up your hair. Don’t get me wrong, the product is great, but if you looking for maximum style hold, like for a Mohawk, this is not the product for it.

However, this product IS for texture and shine. If you can easily pull-off the style you want and you just want that “wet-look” all day, this is what you need. When I tried this product it gave my hair a shine all day long and if I had a crew cut this would definitely work great to give me the “wet-look” all day. The Tea Tree Pomade is a bit greasy, but nothing critical, just make sure to use a small amount, since this product is best used for short hair styles.

I love the smell, it stick with you all day so you look and smell fresh, like you just stepped out of the shower. The Tea Tree ingredient is great as well because it doesn’t damage my hair it actually is beneficial to your hair if you use the product because its like giving it an extra boost of the good stuff it need to keep healthy.

So once again American Crew Tea Tree Pomade is GREAT for texture and shine. It is NOT for spiking hair or maximum style hold. So here I go on my search for the best gel for spiking up my Mohawk. Any suggestions? just leave your comment below!

Oh and just for those who are interested in seeing my new haircut, here it is!

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