A Guide to: Shampooing

Everyone knows how to shampoo, don’t they? Well, there’s shampooing and then there’s professional shampooing that gets results! First off lets kill a common myth; regular shampooing DOES NOT increase hair loss. In fact the reverse is true! If you don’t shampoo regularly your hair follicles clog up with sebum and other nasty stuff - and clogged follicles equal inactive follicles. So as long as you choose the right products, shampooing on a daily basis won’t cause you any problems. Here’s our suggestions…

- Preparation… If you have very long hair or very curly hair, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair as much as possible prior to wetting.

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Celebrity Hair Style Day: Johnny Depp

It’s time for another installment on “Celebrity Hair Style Day”, this time we take a look at the hair styles of Jack Sparrow himself: Mr. Johnny Depp!

Johnny has used many hair styles during his Hollywood career both in films and in real life, from his messy, awful hair on Edward Scissorhands to that… well awful, messy hair on Pirates of the Caribbean. He’s been an icon for years not only because of his great acting but also beacuse of his style and incredible sex appeal to women. Do you think you can handle a Johnny Depp look? Let’s take a look at some:

johnny depp don juan de marcoThis is his “Don Juan de Marco” style, by the way if you haven’t seen this movie go rent it right now! This style is classic Johnny Depp, long, dark hair. In this movie Johnny plays Don Juan, and appears also with a moustache, adding the spanish flavour to the character. The hair is long but not heavy metal long, just enough to give the hot latin lover look.

Johnny Depp gelIn this picture you can see him with all the hair back using gel or maybe using a ponytail. Notice Johnny’s hair line. It is somewhat high, but he is not afraid to show it in that pic, although he hides it well using long hair falling to the sides. Using all the hair back can add a lot class to a person. The trick is to make your hair look natural and not greasy, especially when using hair or wax. An even application is a must.

johnny depp secret windowHere, we can see Johnny with his “Secret Window” hair style. I personally don’t like it that much. The light color en the hair’s end just doesn’t convince me, but I thin k it gives Johnny a touch of madness to his look. Like a bohemian writer - by the way his character on the movie was a writer. During this year I think he started wearing those thick glasses and hat.

johnny depp youngYou know, not everyone can be cool all the time and Johnny’s no exception. Just take a look at the picture. It reminds me of a cheap a** hair salon here in South America, my base of operations. Actually I think you can find the same exact picture! Besides the whole style looks more androgynous than Sanjaya. And that says a lot. Don’t worry Johnny we know you are a changed man!!!

Fortunately Johnny is still doing amazing work on film, and his latest movie “Pirates of the Caribbean 3″ is sure to be a huge success. Keep tuned for more Celebrity Hair Style Day installments! See ya!.

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