Proper Hair Care: A Pre-Requisite for Healthy, Strong Hair

Beauty and healthy hair is desired by everyone, but how many can achieve this dream? Contemporary lifestyle often persuades us to indulge in experimenting with our precious hair, making it prone to breakage and damage. Tight braiding, coloring, different hairstyles which require hair to pulled back, hasty brushing techniques all contribute towards making your brittle and unhealthy.

Suitable care can relive you of the worry concerning your hair issues in an effective manner. Senior Marketing Executive at Hair Care Tips, Mr. Alan Baker comments, “Hair is most vulnerable to damage due to exposure to the sunlight, dust and other factors. It is only the right hare care that can keep your hair beautiful, healthy, and strong”. Read more »

Celebrity Hair Style Day – Jason Statham

jason stathamJason Statham is a movie bad boy and action star.  He’s been in movies such as “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, “Crank”, “Snatch”, and my favorite one,  “The Transporter.”  When you see his hair line you know he is definitely losing some hair, but that still looks pretty cool to him. 

He trims his hair very short, and he doesn’t try to hide his receding hair lines.  Most of all, as I said to people who complain they are going bald, he has attitude.  He can take the haircut as his own while saying “I don’t %&”# care”.  That’s the lesson Mr. Statham brings, and also: that taking care of not just your hair, but your entire body helps too.

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