Learn To Love Your Bald Head!

baldman.jpgWe know it. Men are emotional to hair loss, you wouldn’t believe how many men look at theirselves in horror at the mirror when they find some hair on the pillow. They try every conceivable product on earth, thus, living in denial with this genetic condition.

Images from the TV, movies and media in general don’t help us feeling cool with baldness. Most men in media have thick hair, styled and looking like a million bucks. So we forget the cold truth: nearly 50% of men in their fifties are affected by baldness. 50%, half of us, so why is it that we don’t see them? Read more »

How to Choose a Conditioner

Choosing a conditioner can be a daunting task for most men.  We have grown for the most part ignorant of these kind of choices.  We are told since we are young we only need a shampoo and a soap.  But is it true? Men’s hair is naturally oilier, so men need a daily conditioner to keep the scalp and the hair clean.

When choosing a conditioner, you need to pick a conditioner made for your type of hair.  For example a coarse shampoo makes fine hair heavier, and we don’t want that.  You need the type x of product, to the type x of hair.

Use a moisturizing conditioner if you have a wave or curl.  And use volumizing conditioners if your hair is flat & straight.  You see, the key is coherence.  And of course, knowing what oyu are buying in the first place, until you find your perfect match.

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